Stopping Time

Post contributed by Anjna Kurichh

On Friday I watched David Bowie’s video Lazarus, and then on Saturday, a seemingly unrelated movie called Jack and the Cuckoo-Clock Heart. Two unrelated pieces of work that got me thinking. Both experiences left me asking many questions. I didn’t fully understanding the meaning of each creative genius’ work of art.

**Spoiler Alert – this post shares how the movie ends.**

The movie did not have the usual Disney “happy ending “. In hindsight, it probably wasn’t the best choice for family movie night. It did prompt a discussion on why the writer chose to end the movie the way he did, with the main character dying.  In the movie, 14 year old Jack stops time at the happiest moment in this life, thereby choosing to forever memorialize his perfect expression of love over choosing to keep on living. The movie ends with him climbing a staircase of snowflakes into the sky.

The ending had my 7 year old very upset. She couldn’t grasp the idea that a 14 year old boy should choose to die.  We talked about the ephemeral nature of life, and how none of us knows how long we are here on this earth for, and how that is precisely why we must choose to live every day to its fullest.

Reflecting on Lazarus, in light of this morning’s news of David Bowie’s death, the video is now more meaningful to me. In a sense, both Jack and Bowie wrote their own epitaph, stopping time at their fullest expression of joy, to ensure that their memory would live on in the way they wanted others to remember them.

An unexpected or untimely death saddens us, but it also reminds us that we too can create our own ending, by creating the life we want to live and reaching for the stars!

Can you hear me Major Tom?

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